How To Make a Sound Affect

Sound Affects is a non-profit organization which crowdfunds for cancer research via sponsoring new music artists in New York City.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sound Affects since January of 2016. We have collaborated on an animated logo, two promos, and additional videos advertising their music events.

This first video of the logo (below) was animated to the song “Changes” in honor of David Bowie.

This PSA (below) is a 30-second video designed and animated in order to clearly convey the mission of Sound Affects and inspire new artists to join the organization. Both versions will be used at the “Music Beats Cancer” event in New York City and on social media in various places.


Our most current project is teaching audiences about the mission of Sound Affects. We created a video style and a main idea for a project, similar to a campaign, in order to feed audiences pieces of the mission, the process, and teh story of Sound Affects. There will be several videos posted on the website and social media accounts. Here are the first three.
The promos (below) were made after each event to promote the next showcase of artists. You can see these videos on Sound Affect’s event page:
In addition, I wrote three blog posts for Sound Affects about famous music artists' battle with cancer.

David Bowie
Joey Feek
Presidents Day